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Snowmaking Update

January 18, 2021

Cold weather is back tonight, and it looks like most of this week!  With colder temps. we're looking at a decent size snowmaking window, and our team is ready to take advantage of this productive weather and go around the clock while temperatures allow.

Over the weekend we opened Middle and Competition Slope.  We will be closing both of these trails Tuesday - Thursday of this week to revisit and make snow, touching up the surface, and adding to the base depth.  We'll also be making snow in the Beginner Basin area, Gentoo, Koessler, Upper Ledges (what we call the area in front of the Meister Hut), and hopefully Upper Kandahar.  We're pushing to get these ready to open for this weekend. 

After that, we move to the rest of the North Slope, Hurricane, and Zip's.

Hats off to our snowmakers!