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November 4th Snowmaking Update

November 4th Snowmaking Update

November 4, 2020

It's always very exciting (and one of my favorite days of the year) to pull into the resort early morning to see the snow guns blasting for the first time of the season.  

Though temperatures are going to creep back up into the 60's for the next few days, we took advantage of last night's cold weather to fire up our snowmaking system, just to make sure everything would smoothly, before we go full-bore. 

We fired up on South Slope, Upper and Lower Beginner's Luck, and the base area.  All of these trails are on Phase I of our snowmaking plan.

Our crew is ready to get back at it as soon as temperatures drop back down.  

We are looking forward to the start of our 83rd operating season, and our projected opening day, Friday, November 27th.

See you soon!