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January 2 Snowmaking Update

January 2 Snowmaking Update

January 2, 2020

Our snowmakers were given a well-deserved break the last few days, as Mother Nature gifted us with 14” of fresh snow for the new year. What a way to wrap up the vacation week!

We’re gearing up to get back out there this Sunday night, when snowmaking temperatures return. We’ll be touching up some of the terrain that we currently have open: The Competition Slope, Easy Street, Gibson, South Slope and what we call “No Man’s Land” which is the connecting area between Bandit and the Quad Chute.

Once those trails are wrapped up, we’ll get back on Koessler, and start working on Morton’s 60 terrain park on the North Slope, Hurricane and Zip Trail. 

After that it’s just a few trails left before we’ll have 100% of our snowmaking terrain open – which we’re shooting to have by the middle of the month.