Important Notice for Season Passholders

Important Notice for Season Passholders

September 21, 2020

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our 83rd winter ski season with a projected start in mid to late November. As we enter the season, we are faced with new challenges and new protocols that need to be followed to ensure a successful season for our guests and staff.

As a season passholder at Cranmore, we want to make sure you have priority status this winter at the resort. For that reason, we will be implementing no restrictions on Cranmore Happy Trails and multi-mountain season pass options. Passholders will have the ability to access the resort when their season pass is valid and will be direct to lift as in the past.  Please note that we will likely cap season pass sales to similar numbers sold last year prior to the start of ski season to ensure that we can maintain comfortable capacity numbers at the mountain.    

Over the last several months we have been working on new policies and procedures that need to be put in place for us to meet State of NH guidelines and more importantly, the safety of our staff and guests at the resort. The major emphasis of these guidelines will stress wearing face coverings and physical distancing.

As we move closer to the season, all passholders will be given a Season Passholder Code of Conduct that will outline what is expected at the resort this year in our effort to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak. We will ask every passholder to read and abide by these new policies to provide a successful ski season for everyone. 

To control capacity numbers at the resort, we will be reducing the number of day lift tickets sold on any given day to allow for appropriate social distancing. All day passes will need to be purchased online, in advance.  Our ticket office will mostly serve as a pick-up area for pre-purchased tickets.
While guidelines are still being established, please find below some things you can expect during your trip to Cranmore this winter (subject to change). 

Face Coverings
Face coverings will be required at all times in all of our indoor spaces, in lift lines, while riding and unloading a lift, on all Mountain Adventure Park attractions and outdoors at the resort when physical distancing of six feet or greater cannot be attained. The only exception is while skiing and riding, and when seated in a designated dining area.

If a guest is identified without a face covering under the guidelines mentioned above, our staff will politely remind you to put on your mask, covering both your nose and mouth. 

Enhanced and increased cleaning protocols for all high-traffic and high-touch areas have been implemented at the resort. We have installed hand sanitizing stations located throughout the resort, and at the entrance to all indoor spaces. We have also installed Plexiglass or other types of barriers/hygiene screens in frequent, close interaction areas wherever practical for the safety of our guests and staff. 

To maintain distancing on the chairlift, we will only be seating parties arriving to the resort together, or: two singles seated on opposite sides of a four-person lift. Face coverings are required in lift lines, while riding the lift and while unloading to prevent any cross contamination on the lift. 
Seasonal lockers
Seasonal lockers will be available for guests this winter. Please note face coverings will be required to enter locker rooms, and room capacity numbers will be posted. Hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance of each locker room. Please disinfect hands prior to entering and leaving.

Please send one person in your party in the locker room at a time and be mindful of time spent inside.

Food and Beverage & Indoor Facilities
While we are still working on the details, we are anticipating that reservations will be required to dine in Zip’s Pub and Grill, and capacity will be limited (and managed) in Legend’s Grill and the Red Sled in the Main Base Lodge, Sliders at the Artist Falls Lodge, and at the summit’s Meister Hut. We are also looking at increasing the number of “grab and go” items available and introducing some new outdoor food venues and additional outdoor seating.

This season we will not be allowing guests to store their belongings in the base lodges and will not be offering bag check. Please leave all personal belongings in your car.

We will also be modifying indoor traffic patterns in our base lodges, ticket office, and food service areas to manage guest flow in more congested areas.

Parking/Unload Zone
The parking lots will run as normal this season, and reserved parking spaces will still be available with Cranmore Club purchases. Please use physical distancing with other guests while loading and unloading your vehicle.

There is more information to deliver but we felt this information should provide you with a picture of what our ski season will look like and we felt it would help you plan accordingly as the season approaches. With everyone’s cooperation we can all have a great ski season.

Thanks for your continued interest and dedication and stay tuned for more notices in weeks to come.


Ben Wilcox
President & GM