Cranmore Snowsports Director Honored with White Mountains Treasures Award

Cranmore Snowsports Director Honored with White Mountains Treasures Award

October 28, 2020

North Conway, NH – Cranmore Snowsports Director, Karen Dolan, was honored with the White Mountains Treasures Award during the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting, which was held virtually, October 27, 2020.  Mandy McDonald, family liaison for the Conway Elementary School and founder of the Conway chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger was also recognized. 

The prestigious White Mountains Treasure Award was established as a way to thank and honor individuals and organizations who, by their demonstrated commitment and example exemplify that success is not measured by what they accomplish in life for themselves but by what they do for others. Recipients of the award have given a lifetime of time and talent to the White Mountains community. The White Mountains Treasure Award is generously sponsored by Memorial Hospital.

Prior to presenting the award to Dolan, Arthur Mathisen, President of Memorial Hospital said the following:

“Since 1971, the Cranmore Mountain Meister Program (formerly the Local Yokels) has fostered a vital ski community in the Mount Washington Valley. Over nearly fifty years, thousands of alpine skiers, telemark skiers and snowboarders have competed against some of the best amateur racers in the nation and against themselves, growing this program to the largest citizen racing program in the country. The Meisters “World Cup Wednesdays” are legendary and an ongoing and growing source of community spirit, athletic achievement and fellowship throughout the Mount Washington Valley. Karen Dolan has played a key leadership role in developing the Meister Program into what it continues to be today.

As Director of Snowsports at Cranmore, Karen has been instrumental in keeping the Mountain Meister program viable and active through rich and lean years, and has been the constant central personality driving the program on the front lines over the past three decades when needed or from behind the scenes. When others were unable to help, Karen has capably managed the timing hut and set out wikked courses, among many other roles she’s played. Working tenaciously through five different ownership groups at Cranmore, Karen has been a mentor for both local racers and ski instructors alike.

In addition Karen has been involved in the Eastern Slope Ski Club (ESSC) since 1978, serving on its Board of Directors since 1986. Her efforts have helped approximately 7000 Mt Washington Valley children learn to ski through this renowned program; with many becoming top racers in the Meisters or other race programs.

Karen has been a volunteer for Jen’s Friends and its Climb Against Cancer fundraiser since the event’s inception at Cranmore in 1998. Karen has assisted with countless tasks and functions to raise thousands of dollars through this event to assist cancer patients.”

“If we believe the ski culture of the region is a key to our ongoing success as a four-season destination, the contribution of the Mountain Meister series cannot be overlooked, nor can Karen’s role in it. Given the nature of the Meister program and the critical need to reward all such efforts aimed at keeping North Conway the top ski community in the nation, I strongly believe this award is well deserved and appropriate for Karen.” Said Tad Furtado, of Conway Family Dental Care and Dolan’s nominator.

The White Mountains Treasures Award has been given to deserving individuals throughout the White Mountains community since 1994. Past White Mountains Treasure Award Recipients include:

1994: George Davidson, J. Arthur Doucette, Bob Duncan, S. Jean Fernandez, Margaret Frost, Lee Harmon, Warren Hill, Dr. Eugene Hussey, Stephen Laurent, William C. Levy, Chet Lucy, Shumway Marshall, Alex McKenzie, Ed Moody, Bob Morrell, Otto Ninow, Doug Philbrook, Carroll Reed, Kay Reed, Ben Saunders, Hannes Schneider, Dwight Smith, Betty Whitney

1995: Jean Fickett, Liz George, Wally Packard

2007: Cynthia Briggs, Jac Cuddy, Steve Eastman, Philip T. Gravink, Richard Hamilton, Laura Mahoney Glenna Mori, R Stoning (Stoney) Morrell, Kim Perkins, Linda Pinkham, Ruth Reny, Herbert Schneider

2008: Chuck Henderson, Sut Marshall, Gary Poquette, Donna Woodward

2009: Bernadine “Benny” Jesseman, Bobbi Steele-Marotta

2010: Raymond Burton, Tom Eastman, Miles Waltz

2011: David Emerson, Joan Lanoie, NHDOT, Howard “Howie” Wemyss

2012: Kenneth Cargill, Bayard Kennett ,Peter Pinkham, Cindy Russell

2013: George Cleveland Richard (Dick) Ficke, Mountain Garden Club

2014: John Colbath, Emily Smith-Mossman

2015: Phyllis Sherman, Audrey Vorperian

2016: Linda Walker, Russ Lanoie

2017: Ed Westervelt, Ruthann Fabrizio, Carol Westervelt

2018: Floyd Corson, Shirley & Richard VanDyne

2019:  Joe Berry, Steven (Steve) P. Cote