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Opening Weekend Report
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Opening Weekend Report

Hi Guys,

Welp, we're on day 2 of the season, and I have to say, I was quite impressed with what our snowmaking team was able to do with only 4 marginal nights of snowmaking- conditions yesterday (opening day, Saturday) were pretty great! We have one run off the summit (Easy Street --->Gibson--->Lower Gibson--->Lower Beginner's Luck) and both the Skimobile Express Quad and Schneider Triple running.  With the nights we had leading up to this weekend, we saw very productive activity at the summit, but not so much towards the bottom (warmer base area temps will do that).  With that said, Easy Street and Gibson are pretty much wall to wall and things gets a little more narrow the closer you get to the base (check out our opening day video below to see for yourself!)

I recently moved about a mile away from the mountain, and what's cool about that is that I can hear the guns from my house... the sweet, sweet sound of snowmaking!  I was outside in the middle of the night last night with my dog and was psyched to hear the sound.  We fired up on Artist Falls, Upper Kandahar, Bandit, Lower Skimeister, Snow Train, Lucky Pitch, South Slope,  the summit and base area, and the tubing park- at 5:30am this morning, we had 102 guns running. 

At around 4pm this afternoon, we'll hit the terrain we had open over the weekend.  The good news is, it looks like winter temps are sticking around for a little bit, and we are shooting for more terrain for next weekend (look for Schneider, Artist Falls, Snow Train & the South Slope)- all weather depending of course

As always, this is the place for the most up to date info when it comes to snowmaking and mountain operations.  So keep checking back, especially the more we make snow!

See you out there!



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