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February 9th Update
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February 9th Update

Snow reporting is no easy task... it takes attention to detail, impeccable communication skills, and the passion and drive of the sport of skiing and riding to get up every morning, (sometimes as early as 5 am) to call the Mountain Manager and find out what happened overnight.  The morning checklist includes what trails are open or closed, what was groomed overnight, if there was snowmaking (and on what trails), what the projected conditions are for the day and total accumulation if there was overnight snowfall.  After an early morning chat, all of the appropriate channels are updated, ie.: website, industry sites, snow phone etc., (before 7 am when the media starts picking up resorts reports, and people start checking their inbox for the emailed report). It's not uncommon to have to update the report numerous times a day, especially if there is weather throughout the day, or after Patrol completes their morning sweep - the snow report is a living document, often times being updated multiple times a day.  

A snow reporters responsibilities don't stop there.  Their job is also to help tell the day's story.  They're often the lucky ones grabbing first chair (or even before the mountain opens with Patrol) on a powder day to grab that "wow" powder shot or first tracks on freshly groomed unscathed corduroy.  Their office a majority of the time is out on the hill spending a majority of their day skiing and riding and gathering content to push out on the web and social media.

But it's not always rainbows and butterflies - when Mother Nature is less than cooperative it takes a bit of creativity to turn a negative into a positive and to educate our guests on how to have a great time even when the weather isn't perfect (soup at the Meister Hut to warm up - check!  Throw on a trash bag to stay dry in the rain - check).  It also requires a bit of thick skin if the report goes out in the morning with an error and the phone starts to ring from people questioning the day's report, then fixing anything that has gone whack.  But as a veteran snow reporter, I have to say, it's mostly rainbows and butterflies...

The job of a snow reporter is often underrated and could quite possibly be one of the best jobs on the the video below and decide for yourself.  

So Mother Nature, we're ready for whatever you have in store for us - BRING IT ON.  And thanks for the storm this week, we're more than happy to be back to 100%.    

Until next time,


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