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February 27th

Hope everyone had an incredible vacation week and got to spend some time out on the hill. We were stoked to see everyone out in the parks having fun and skiing safe! As spring roles in and we move into the month of March, we are excited for the weather to warm up a bit. We have made a couple changes and moved a few things around in the parks to keep it fresh and fun.

Over in T’schols, we have removed a couple of the rail features and groomed up some fun and flowy jumps and rollers for everyone to enjoy. Reed’s is currently getting some updates as well and we plan to add a few new boxes and rails for everyone to keep progressing and learning new tricks on. Morton’s will be having a few tweaks done as well, as we add a couple rails and boxes for some fun new features. So, come check out the parks and see what we have changed up.

Big shout out to everyone who submitted videos for our vacation week contest, we love to see what everyone is up to in the parks. Keep an eye on the gram, for an announcement on who won! We’ve also got some stickers coming in and we are stoked to give them out to everyone. If you see a park ranger around don’t forget to thank them for all their hard work keeping the parks fresh and maybe, they’ll toss you a sticker or two. Stay safe everyone and we can’t wait to take some sunny laps with you this spring!

Dan Robbins

Park Lead