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February 5, 2020

Hey there everyone,

Here’s a quick update of the parks on the eve of February Vacation…

Right now, Morton’s 60, Reed’s Progression Park, and Tschol’s Terrain Garden are open to the public. In my last update I had mentioned that we have one last park to build, The 38. We had a few great nights of snowmaking last week in that park and we were able to open it without any features, so it could be skied. We will be making more snow in it this evening and then our next step will be installing some features in it next week. We have a few features that haven’t been on the hill in a season or two that will be in The 38, so keep an eye out and see if you can spot them.

Our goal is to have all our parks open for February Vacation, which is our busiest time of the season. Having your head on a swivel when you’re riding in the parks, especially during a busy week, is crucial. Always remember to call your drop and have a spotter on any jumps that you are hitting. It’s difficult to see the landing of a jump before you are in the air, so having someone that can make sure that the landing is clear makes the park safer and more fun for everyone. It’s also very important to ride through the park and scope the features out before hitting anything, especially with a new park with features that you’ve never hit before.

Be on the lookout for another park update next week before February Vacation.

Be safe out there,

Brantly Ludington

Terrain Parks Manager