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family in aerial adventure park

Course Overview

The Aerial Adventure Park is an aerial forest ropes course consisting of 8 individual, elevated courses for different ability levels and consists of dozens of elements to challenge you to new heights!  

Each course varies in terms of elevation and the strenuousness of the challenges.  Elements include ropes bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines and more.  All courses are self guided and every person is securely attached to a guide line at all times.   

Orange Course

Great for children 3 years and up, or for those just beginning to challenge themselves. You will find yourself 2 to 10 feet in the air. Must be 38" tall. Children 38"-47" need an adult to accompany them on the Aerial Park Orange Course. The adult that joins the child pays the same $20 Aerial Park rate, or $40 All Park Pass rate.

Yellow Courseboy in yellow shirt in aerial adventure park

You will find yourself 10 to 15 feet in the air. All of these Courses start off as a Yellow Course and end with a zip line. Elements are not that challenging on the Yellow Course, but you can challenge yourself a little bit by moving onto the Green Course.

Green Course

You will find yourself 10 to 15 feet in the air. All of these Courses start off as a Green Course and end with a zip line. Elements are a bit more challenging than the Yellow Course, and you can challenge yourself even more by moving onto the Blue Course, if you meet the height requirement of 54". girl in yellow shirt in aerial park

Blue Course

Height is the challenge on these courses. The elements themselves are similar to the Yellow and Green Courses but are more difficult. You are now 30 to 45 feet in the air and at one point you will be 60 feet in the trees. You must meet the 54" height requirement due to the reach of some elements.

Black Course

This is for thrill seekers who like to push the limits. The elements are difficult and you have to use a lot of upper body strength to maneuver through the trees.girl in red shirt on ladder in aerial course It is a longer course that will probably take about 40 minutes to an hour. There are different options you can take throughout the course, some being more challenging than others. Must be age 16 or over.