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Overview of Our Program:

CRT Philosophy/Athlete Development/Skills Quest

CRT provides a program that is fun and enjoyable for all participants while developing strong skiing skills learned through structured training and directed free skiing using the entire mountain. This creates strong racers and excellent skiers with a deep love of the sport. The program is designed to train athletes ages 8 to 13 years (U10 – U14) who are interested in ski racing; our athletes vary in developmental stages. CRT is committed to training all athletes from entry level to elite. Cranmore’s focus is on a long term development of our athletes following the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the USSA Alpine Training System.  

The USSA Alpine Training System (ATS) is the long-term athlete development framework for the alpine coach, athlete and parent to design age-appropriate training and competition plans that allow them to maximize certain critical periods that exist in the development of every skier. Within each developmental phase, the ATS outlines the recommended progression for an athlete in the domains of sport participation, conditioning, technical and tactical skills, equipment, performance psychology and competition. These recommendations are based on current research by sport scientists on child development and its relation to high performance in athletics. A group of veteran club coaches, U.S. national team and USSA sport science staff have applied these principles to the sport of alpine skiing. The philosophy of the U.S. Ski Team is to create good skiers first, then great racers. Alpine ski racing at all levels is measured by the clock, yet the elements that are needed to compete well under the clock are not all objective. The U.S. Ski Team believes that the ski fundamentals are the first step in developing an athlete

To promote and support the development of fundamental skills, USSA has developed a program called Skills Quest. A core component of the Skills Quest program is the skiing skills assessment. This assessment outlines four skiing exercises for each developmental phase of the ATS that skiers can work toward mastery on that will assist them in achieving the broad skill base needed for long-term success on the race course.  The USSA Skills Quest program is also used to provide structure to teaching fundamental skiing skills. Skills Quest is a cornerstone program of the Training System designed to assist coaches with and to motivate and reward athletes in working toward and improving abilities in the key areas of emphasis of the Alpine Training System. As its name implies, it represents a quest, or journey toward success in ski and snowboard competition, by focusing on skills, the critical components that make up a high performing ski and snowboard competitor. In its full build-out, it will include activities and competencies for skiing and snowboard skills, technique and tactics, conditioning, equipment preparation, performance psychology and athlete management. 

Program Outlines - Competition Programs for Ages 8-13:

Cranmore Race Team U10 (ages 8 & 9)

This program is for children who show a strong interest in ski racing and have the skills to match. In this program children will master basic skills needed for race courses along with the understanding or rules and regulations. This is an introduction for both children and parents into the world of ski racing. Participants will spend a limited amount of time gate training; they will participate in skills competitions and a limited number of races appropriate for their age group. NHARA does not recognize or allow 7 year olds to participate in any sanctioned races or events. Most seven year olds will be best serviced in our Rattlesnake program. Any seven year olds allowed to join CRT must be recommended and posses strong and dynamic skills which will be evaluated by coaching staff prior to acceptance.

Cranmore Race Team U12/U14 (ages 10-13)

These programs continue with the mastery of basic skills and introduce racing tactics. Racers will complete in NHARA U12 & U14 series, locally and regionally throughout the season. The program will also include skill assessment competitions throughout the season.

For racers ages 14 & up looking for a race program please contact the MWV Ski Team for program options at

Expectation of Athletes: 

Code of Conduct

Our program demands respect from all athletes and ask parents to review the Code of Conduct with their child. Continuous discipline issues take away from focused training and group dynamics. Coaches’ time should be best focused on athlete development and not on taking care of continuous discipline issues. The Code of Conduct is part of our registration packet.

Respect for the Mountain and Safety are a Must!

Race kids often have a bad reputation “for aggressive skiing” and skiing fast.  We would like to see CRT athletes change this image and be recognized as role models by always respecting mountain staff, property, facilities, each other, and their coaches. Athletes should be ambassadors to our guests; be helpful and friendly, live by the Skier’s Responsibility Code & Smart Style, observe all Slow Zones and Beginner areas, and avoid the Terrain Based Elements in Beginner Basin as these are for first time skiers not racers. 


Arrive on time ready to ski. Come prepared to do your best everyday and get the most out of the training day by focusing and listening to your coach. Do not ski with cell phones or electronic devices – leave them at home, or at the very least in your back pack. Live by the “Golden Rule,” treat others like you would like to be treated always, and be part of the TEAM.

Mountain Program vs. Club Program:

Cranmore Race Team is a mountain run program with full support from the Cranmore management team and owners. As a mountain run program, training and operational needs are supported and addressed by our program director at weekly operational meetings. The mountain management is very supportive of our team, and as a result the training opportunities as well as the snow and grooming are some of the best in New Hampshire. The expectations of our race families are just as important as other visiting guests. Our mission is to provide memorable experiences for each and every one of our guests.

Once the mountain is fully open CRT has two separate training trails and in years when Mother Nature is not cooperating and snow is limited our program director works creatively with mountain operations to find space to train gates until our hills are available. 

A club program is run by a Board of Directors who negotiates with the mountain a contract for training spaces and hill fees. The operational cost and equipment are usually funded though tuition and fundraising. The BOD does not necessarily understand the workings and priorities of the mountain operations and have not had the opportunities to be able to build the relationships necessary to work with multi departments at their mountains. Most club programs receive training lane space for a designated period of time, rather than a whole trail (or two) all day. CRT has been a mountain supported program since the late eighties.

Cranmore Race Team is a member of the US Ski Association (USSA) and New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association (NHARA) and is a sanctioned race training program. NHARA is responsible for scheduling, coordinating and monitoring all the races in New Hampshire. USSA provides education and support to its local clubs including a certification process for coaches, judges and officials and the club itself to ensure the best experience possible for athletes and parents.

Parental Volunteerism:

A frequently asked question, is my child ready for race? My answer to parents – Are you, as a parent ready for race? Race program is not like seasonal development program where you drop off and pick up your child. As with most organized youth sport programs parent assistance is necessary and appreciated. Our coaching staff’s expertise is most effective on the hill providing training opportunities to enhance our athlete’s development.  As a parent in our program there are plenty of opportunities to help with races, become a USSA alpine official, work with various committees, get involved with the parent advisory committee, assist with travel and communications, as well as just being part of a fun, social group of great folks. We look forward to a great season and we would love to have you as part of our club! There are many daily tasks and events where your expertise can be an asset to the program and assist our coaches. Many tasks may be new but in a short time you will have them mastered and be part of the CRT family.  Being a CRT supporter is an integral part of our program.  Parental knowledge of race competition and support only makes our program stronger and better organized.  Thank you for all your help and support.  Our goal is to provide the best racing experience for our athletes.