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Parent Need to Know

We want this season to be fun for all our racers, and to that end we emphasize respect for all teammates and the entire mountain community. We encourage teamwork and need the support of our parents to reinforce our expectations for all athletes. For parents, please feel free to communicate with us if you have questions or concerns as the year goes forward. We really want to make you and your child’s experience with CRT great. 

Expectations of Athletes:

Discipline issues take away from focused training and group dynamics. Coach’s time should be best focused on athlete development and not on taking care of continuous discipline issues. Code of Conduct was established and is part of the registration packet. We ask each parent to review with their athletes the expectations and consequence and return the signed copy. View the Code of Conduct here

Parent's Responsibilities:


  • Complete Cranmore Registration/ROL/Code of Conduct/Race Commitment packets and fees by November 15th
  • Sign up for USSA and NHARA licenses. Renewal of membership for U14 & up by October 15 to avoid a late fee
  • Check equipment needs     
  • Attend the CRT pre season parent session; this meeting is a must for new families and very beneficial for those returning families, all you need to know for the upcoming season
  • Follow the Parent’s Role in ski racing provided in USSA guidelines at; this is a great resource for new parents

Daily Program

  • Have your athlete prepared for each day - monitor athlete’s rest and nutrition
  • Show up on time, better yet, early ready to ski with equipment ready for training and/or a race
  • Check in with the coach daily – don’t just drop your child off
  • Follow the chain of command if you have a concern, start with the immediate coach, then lead coach of the group, then the program director before seeking Cranmore management
  • Make sure your child understands the meaning of the slow skiing zones, respecting the mountain & its employees, each other, and our training center
  • Sign up and work or provide coverage for your Race Worker Commitments
  • Participate in parent training sessions and social events to become more familiar with the race environment
  • Make sure you have reviewed the weekly training updates

Concussion Policy:

The U.S. Ski Association (USSA) and the Cranmore Race Team (CRT) value the welfare of our athletes. Concussion management of young athletes is an important issue for all of us. It is our responsibility as clubs, officials, coaches, and parents to ensure that athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion are managed carefully, and that a qualified health care provider clears their return to sport. CRT supports the USSA’s Concussion Policy as shown below. 

USSA Concussion Policy for Members

Any USSA athlete under the age of 18 years that is suspected of having sustained a concussion/ traumatic brain injury must be removed immediately from participation in USSA sporting event (e.g. sanctioned training, practice, camps, competitions or tryouts), by the Technical Delegate or USSA member coach overseeing such sporting event. The minor athlete will be prohibited from further participation until evaluated and cleared in writing to resume participation in USSA sporting events by a qualified health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussive head injuries. The health care professional must certify to USSA in the clearance letter that he/she has successfully completed a continuing education course in the evaluation and management of concussive head injuries within three years of the day on which the written statement is made.  Upon removal of a minor athlete from participation for a suspected concussion/traumatic brain injury, the USSA TD or member coach making the removal must inform USSA Competition Services. Athletes who have subsequently been medically cleared to resume participation must provide such medical clearance (as described above) to USSA Competition Services in order to be permitted to participate in USSA sporting events.

Race Working:

As a member of the Cranmore Race Team it is the responsibility of each family to fulfill their race worker commitments. The required number of races per family each season is determined by the number of races Cranmore will be hosting. CRT host four to six races per season. Parental support is necessary for the success of each event. Cranmore has a strong reputation for hosting successful races and that is dependent upon the support of the volunteer race crew. In order to continue to host championship events and races we must continue to exceed in this area.

Hosting races brings in revenue to support program expenses helping to keep the cost of our program affordable. The tuition is supplemented by race revenue to pay for coaches’ salaries, provide educational opportunities, and to purchase equipment. Hosting races on our hill is also a great advantage to our athletes since they are very familiar with the setting. We need approximately 35-40 race workers per race. Please expect to work for the entire day of the race to earn one credit. You may have one specific job or several jobs that make up your day. Working additional races beyond your commitment will earn you vouchers towards lift tickets.

The race worker agreement is included in the registration packet. Please complete and return this with your registration by November 15th to Snowsports School – CRT, PO Box 1640, North Conway, NH 03860. It is very important that forms be in so we can begin preparing race assignments for the season. Please use the form and do not just send an email with the dates you can work. Race assignments will be sent out by email and posted in CRT training center and Race locker room. 

Each family will be assessed at fee of $100.00 per race for choosing not to fulfill the required race commitment. Payment must be received before your child can return for the next season.

Race Day Expectations for Race Workers

  • You must sign in to get credit for being there. Registration is on the third floor of Skimobile Station.
  • Course Maintenance: 6:45 AM ready to load the lift, you must have an arm band and ticket/pass for loading early.
  • Registration: 6:45 AM Set up and be ready to go at 7:15 AM
  • All other jobs: 8:15 AM
  • Job Assignments will be sent out by email with details on times/locations if they differ from above.

USSA Alpine Official and Certifications

Please consider volunteering and sign up to become USSA certified Alpine Official. There are some really interesting jobs on the hill and will offer you a whole different perspective on the sport of ski racing and make race working even more fun. It qualifies you to work as Start Referee, Finish Referee, Head Gatekeeper, and other interesting Race Worker jobs although some require even more credentials. If you have younger athletes and can work on the hill please consider joining USSA and becoming an official. We need to continually grow our officials list as our families graduate and move on to MWVST. For your time and efforts Cranmore will issue you lift vouchers for joining USSA and attending USSA Alpine Official’s training. Make sure your USSA number is included on your race worker form.

The USSA website provided a good overview of it certification program as well as study materials on its website. Certification as an Alpine Official requires joining USSA, attending a clinic and passing a written test. USSA and NHARA will schedule clinics in the fall and we will notify you of dates once they are set. 

Description of Race Worker Jobs

Click here for a complete description (PDF)

Job Training for Race Worker Jobs

Race operations will run race worker training during the Christmas holiday week. If you are new to the club, or just want a quick refresher, watch for the announcement and please attend one of the sessions.

Parent & Coach Advisory Committee:

Committee Goals

This committee is designed to build on a solid foundation that our current coaching staff has provided and to enhance and support the program to its best potential. To be clear - this will not be a venue for negativity or complaints, we will utilize this time to reflect on the strengths of the program, collaborate with the staff and administration and implement the best program possible for our children. 

 The committee meets monthly from December – March at 4PM on the third Saturday of each month. Meetings will have a set agenda and run for no more than one hour. Non program months (April – November) the committee will continue to communicate monthly if necessary with a conference call.  

The committee will consist of Cranmore Management (2), Race Program Director (1), Lead Coach from each group U10 – U14 (3), Parent Committee Chair (1), Parent Race Operations Delegate (1)  and  Parent Representatives for each group(3).

Each Parent Representative will be responsible for getting parents’ concerns, suggestions or ideas from their group onto the monthly agenda. Parent representatives must have a child in the group and be available to all parents in their group for input. Agenda items must be turned into the committee chair ten days prior to the meeting date.

Any parents interested in being part of the committee please let the chair person know with a brief introduction including the group you are interested in representing. More information about this committee and joining it can be found on the parent login page.  Cranmore would like to thank all who participated in the committee over the past five seasons. The Committee has accomplished much and it definitely kept us focused on our goals.