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adult skiers with instructor

First Time Adult Skiers/Snowboarders Overview - What to Expect

If you are new to the sport you might want to begin by checking our First Timers Guide where you will find helpful hints on how to dress, what time to arrive, and where the various amenities are located, along with other Q&A’s.

  • Everything starts with tickets. If you have purchased lift tickets and rentals on-line, you may go directly to the rental shop and pick up everything you need right there. If purchasing upon arrival, proceed to the Ticket House, or if buying a lesson package, go to the Snowsports Ticket Desk located on the ground floor of the Main Base Lodge directly behind the Ticket House.
  • Once you have your equipment, and have stored your street gear, proceed to the Lesson Meeting Area next to the deck of Zip’s Pub and Grille, or our new Discovery Zone if you choose to try and learn on your own.
  • Once at the Lesson Meeting Area, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will begin to get to know you and do their best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Cranmore Mountain Resort, utilizes the Terrain Based Learning TM method of teaching, which will take you through a series of specially constructed snow elements designed to enhance the learning process. Click here for a video on Terrain Based Learning and diagrams of our on-snow builds to help you learn.
  • You will begin on a flat snow covered surface, learning about your equipment, a balanced stance, and sliding on snow using small movements with your feet and legs. From here you will move to our mini-pipe where you will slide down a small gentle slope for the first time. Don’t worry about going too fast or stopping….the opposite side of the mini-pipe goes up-hill and will bring you to a stop.
  • Your next step will take you to one of our “Magic Carpets”. These are conveyor belts much like the ones in the airports, and will take you to the top of another gentle slope, where you will slide down over our rollers (small bumps in the snow) on the way to your first turn. All of this is designed to enhance balance, control speed, and build confidence.
  • Next you will move to a slightly larger hill, serviced by another carpet. Here you will be introduced to our Traverse Tracks. These are a series of banked turns, formed in the snow that will guide you from top to bottom using the skills you have already developed. After several “runs” through these turns your confidence will increase and you will be ready to move on.
  • Your final progression will take you to the Perfect Slope. This is a well groomed gentle slope serviced by the same carpet as the Traverse Tracks. Here you will put all of your skills together and make your first turns without the aid of any special elements to guide you.  After mastering this slope you’re ready for the chair lift and the mountain.

NOTE:  Not everyone makes it through all of elements on their first day. If you happen to end up in this group, don’t be discouraged, you are not the first and you will not be the last. We offer private lessons as well as up-grades for additional group lessons. Upgrade to the Level - 2 Lesson and receive a third lesson absolutely free.  

See you on the slopes!