Mountain Meisters

The origin of Mountain Meisters dates back to the early seventies when Cranmore looked at the Meister program as an opportunity to showcase the mountain and let our Valley residents experience the great conditions at a very affordable price. Meisters would head back to work and share their experiences and talk about great conditions and the upcoming events at the in-town mountain with visitors and co-workers.

Today the Meister program hosts 35 plus 15 man teams with approximately 500 weekly racers. All racers eagerly await the announcement of the annual captain's meeting held mid-November which signifies the launch of the next season. Once the captains’ meeting is held all racers must come to the ticket concourse and register, sign their waivers and get their pass for the new season. Once registered all racers may ski/ride any Wednesday that Cranmore is open except for vacation periods. Signing up early and getting a pass will allow all racers to enjoy the benefits that the Meister pass offers including discounts at local participating Meister partners throughout the Valley.

The racing begins on the first Wednesday of the first week of the year, unless it's New Years Day, and runs for the next 10 weeks, except February vacation week. Each team and individual accumulates place points over the ten week race series looking to win and earn bragging rights for the year. There are many individual and team awards that everyone strives for to include Division winners, fastest racers (Hot Jocks) and of course the Best Team Award! It is a great day on the mountain with friends, weekly raffles, friendly competition and après ski in Zip's Pub. Not to mention getting out of work early!

Interested folks do not have to have any previous racing skills to race with the Mountain Meisters! Even if you do not have a team you can still go to the mountain and register and we will place you on a team! It’s a great reason to get out and ski/ride and you certainly cannot beat the cost at less than $25.00 per day or less when you take advantage of all the Meister perks.  Mountain Meister Racing is the best ski deal in the USA!

Captain Meeting - November 19, 2014, 6:00pm- Zip's Pub & Grill, Cranmore Mountain

Captain's meeting is an opportunity to roll out the Mountain Meister Program with any updates or changes for the 2015 season.  All captains are encouraged to attend as well as new folks interest in joining for the first time.


$110.00 per racer

Stop by the ticket office - December 1st - 20th to sign up

Each racer must sign themselves up at the ticket office.  Please know the name of your team if you are on a specific team.

To sign up – payment and release are required to pick up your Meister Pass

Sign up will be closed on Dec 21, 2014-Janurary 1, 2015

Late penalty will be assessed for those signing up after December 20, 2014

Late sign up Jan 2, 3, 6 & 7 – Price $120.00 per racer

First Race - January 7, 2015- 9AM – 4PM with Kick off Celebration 5PM in Zip’s Pub

First race clinic - Tuesday, January 6, 2015 10am-1pm.  Get ready for the first race!

Race Schedule

Week 1 Jan. 7th and Kick off Celebration

Week 2 Jan 14th

Week 3 Jan 21nd

Week 4 Jan 28th

Week 5 Feb 4th

Week 6 Feb 11th and pre- vacation party time week

Feb 18th NO RACE – Vacation week

Week 7 Feb 25th

Week 8 March 4th - Jesse Lyman Downhill Day - earlier date!

Week 9 March 11th week 8 of racing

Week 10 March 18th week 9 of racing

3/25/15 Wednesday Meister Awards & Party - 10th week of racing- extra races for Jen's Friends- best time counts for the day.