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November Terrain Park Update

What do you think of our new look? We decided to change a few things for this season. Some new logos here, a new website there, change is a good thing! Speaking of change, it’s that time of year again. Days are shorter and colder, leaves have come and gone, and that means that snow is right around the corner. Now, depending on who you talk to, that four letter “S” word can bring with it a scowl or a high five/chest bump. I’m prone to do the latter when the snow word is mentioned. If you’re reading this, you probably like snow too! Or you were out searching the depths of the internet for knowledge and wisdom and somehow stumbled upon my update (or rambling depending on who you talk to). If that’s the case, welcome. Pull up a chair and let’s talk about stuff and things, mostly about the Terrain Park.

We are really stoked and looking forward to this winter. We have a new event to kick off our season called the Homecoming Rail Jam. On November 29th we will have a few jibs set up in front of the Eating House deck. It will be a fun way to kick off the new season and get your park legs back under you. Around that time we’re also going to be planning and setting up our preseason park. The location of that park is yet to be determined by how much snow we have at that time (hopefully a lot!). Also new this year will be the After Dark Series. There will be more on that in future posts.
Pray for snow and check back in for more updates and videos!

- Brantly,
Terrain Park Lead