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February 10th Update

Feb 10, 2016

We have had a great week of snowmaking, working to add more trails and resurface areas so we are in great shape for the upcoming holiday week.

Everything is on track to open projected terrain for the weekend. Add some new natural snow and we are heading into the weekend with some of the best ski conditions of the season.

- Ben


Here are some photos from this week's snowmaking: 




Projecting 98% of Snowmaking Terrain for this Weekend!

Feb 8, 2016

SNOWMAKING IS BACK IN ACTION!  As promised, we fired up our guns last night and are still going strong.  With cold weather this week, plus some help from Mother Nature tonight into tomorrow(!), we'll be adding additional terrain for this weekend, including the Arlberg, Upper part of Hurricane, Lower East Slope, Lower Schneider and Upper Tommy's Trail.  With these added trails, we'll be at 98% off our snowmaking terrain open.  Hats off to our snowmaking team!

Snowmaking Returns!

Feb 5, 2016

What a pleasant sight looking at the snowfall outside my office window...(though I should be ON the mountain skiing not admiring people skiing from inside).  Snow is falling and we've accumulated probably close to 3 inches as of now since the snow started falling this morning.  We're also excited because we'll be firing up our snowguns again tonight, and will spend time tonight adding to the base at the summit and the base area, and touching up a few spots on the mountain, including making snow on Hurricane and Arlberg (my favorite trail!).


Temps are projecting to drop again Sunday and remain below freezing through Thursday, so we'll be blasting as Mother Nature allows.  When we return on Sunday, we'll hopefully be finishing up on the Arlberg and Hurricane, and will then be moving to Middle, Beginner's Luck, Gibson, Easy Street to add to trail depths, and also working our way down the Lower East Slope, Schneider, Upper Tommy's Trail and tubing park before we wrap things up and head into vacation week!


Until next time,


January 27th Update

Jan 27, 2016

Hello, everyone!


Team Snowmageddon continues to make lots of progress on the mountain. Snowmaking took place earlier this week on Hurricane, Upper Arlberg, Upper Tommy's Trail and in the base area.


This week, we opened up Rattlesnake, K-Connector, Gentoo & the NASTAR course for Mountain Meisters. We're currently about 80% open – almost there!


Coming up later this week, we're projected to open Zip's Trail, the East Slope & Gibson Pitch.


The plan is to keep making snow on our remaining trails as cold temps allow. Stay tuned to this space for more details!


- Megan