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November 30th Update

Nov 30, 2015

November 30th Update


We hope everyone enjoyed opening weekend- our snowmakers did a great getting allowing us to reach our projected opening date of Friday, November 27th; without them it wouldn’t have happened.


Speaking of snowmakers, coming off a rather warm few days, our team was out again yesterday afternoon, and fired up the guns at about 5pm, which are still going in some spots.  After talking to Ben, it looks like we’ll be fired up today as temperatures allow and into tonight.  With what they were able to accomplish last night, it’s a whole new winter wonderland here today!


Ben also filled me in on a plan on which we would cut back on Easy Street later today/tonight and work on Macaroni which is off of C-More’s Double and the Beginner Basin area. 


There is some wet weather in the forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday, but with cold(er) temperatures, so it should affect us too bad.   


Looking into my crystal ball for the weekend, we are projecting wall to wall, TOP TO BOTTOM skiing and riding on Easy Street, Gibson, Lower Gibson, Lower Beginners, Luck, Snow Train and the South Slope- but as always, we will keep you posted with updates. 


All in all, we had a great night.  Johnny and Ben were up in the snow cat first thing this morning, checking out the progress on Easy Street and snapped some photos to share with you guys. Megan also took a few around the base area, check em' out below.


So until next time, think cold weather and snow!







Thanksgiving Day Update

Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Ben and Johnny toured the mountain earlier today and I am pleased to announce that we will open on Friday, November 25 for skiing and tubing!


We will be skiing from the top of the South Quad, skiing Snow Train to Lower Beginner’s Luck.  $25 for adults and teens, $19 for juniors and seniors.

Check the snow conditions report for more detailed information on conditions and early season pricing.


Temperatures will be warm on Friday so we will monitor snow conditions throughout the day.  We expect to be open for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Kudos to the snowmakers and groomers!  They performed some magic on the mountain and based on the warmer than normal temps we have had, it’s great to meet our projected opening date!


See everyone in the morning!




Above is a pic straight from driver seat of one of our snow cats.  

November 25th Update

Nov 25, 2015

Good Afternoon!

I am sure you guys are all anxiously waiting for the lifts to start turning, I know I can’t wait to get out on snow.  Our snowmaking team has been making snow around the clock as weather allows and we have had some productive nights.  Over 1,000’ we have some whales up to 5 feet tall- plenty of snow for midwinter conditions, but towards the bottom we’re seeing smaller piles.  Ben, Chad Lewis, our Snowmaking Supervisor, and our Patrol Director, Mike Malkin, were up on the hill first thing this morning checking things out… here are some shots of Easy Street that was taken this morning.



Our groomers will be out on the hill later tonight and Thanksgiving Day to push around snow to assess what we have.  We will most likely be making the call for opening day for skiing and riding on Thursday evening or Friday morning, based on the snow quality.  Stay dialed into our snow report for the most up to date information on our operating status.

On the other hand, our tubing hill looks good to go for the weekend.  Friday-Sunday, 9am-4pm, we will have 1 lane of tubing and our Mountain Adventure Park open.  Also, make sure not to miss our Homecoming event on Saturday, starting at 3pm in Zip’s Pub, followed by a premiere of Warren Miller’s latest, Chasing Shadows at 7pm.  Tickets for the movie are available for purchase at the door or online up until Friday (advanced reservations are highly recommended).    

Until next time,


November 17 Update

Nov 17, 2015

I think it was established in my first post that I am a complete geek when it comes to snowmaking.  So much, that when I missed the first night of snowmaking over the weekend and heard that we’d have snowmaking weather overnight, I brought my radio home with me to know EXACTLY when the guns would turn.

Well, still recovering from the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo over the weekend, I didn’t make it past 9pm last night, but when I checked the temperature this morning when I woke up, I knew we made snow, and I was right.  This morning on my quick drive to work ( I live down the street, and have a perfect view of the mountain from my kitchen), I was greeted with the most gorgeous scene; approaching the bottom of Skimobile Road, clouds of white started to appear, with the sun reflecting perfectly through it.  Not only was it gorgeous view, it also meant the system was still running so what did I do?  I dropped off my belongings in my office and started hiking up to Beginners Luck to be in the midst of it all.  

I wasn’t the only one checking things out… I also ran into Johnny Mersereau our Mountain Manager and Ben Wilcox, Cranmore’s President and GM who had just come off the summit and were scoping out the same thing.   We all had our phones out snapping picture after picture to share with our sister mountains, fellow co-workers and in my case, post for the world to see. 

While I was snapping away, I turned to face the base area and noticed the sun and the snow was reflecting a perfect arched rainbow- a perfect "snowbow!" And what was on the other side of this snowbow you may ask?  One of our new Top Guns, blowing away. See the photo below, and yes that's my shadow.  

While chatting with Ben and Johnny I was able to get the (official) overnight report; 105 guns were fired up around 10:30pm last night, on phase 1 which covers the summit, base area, Easy Street, Gibson, Lower Gibson, Beginner’s Luck, South Slope and the tubing park; the fresh snow was creating the perfect base for the upcoming winter.   Weather depending we should see some more progess tonight, we will keep you updated!

Until next time,





From top right, clockwise: All snowbows lead to snowguns; snowmaker's footprints on the base of the South Slope; looking up at Lower Beginner's Luck; base area looking up to Beginner's Luck