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Friday, Dcember 19th Update

Dec 19, 2014

Snowmaking started up again early this morning at 3:30am on Skimeister and Lower Skimeister.  By 10am temperatures increased above freezing so we had to shut down the system.  At 5pm on Friday, guns started up on Skimeister, Lower Skimeister, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Emperor, the upper North Slope and sections of already opened trails that can use some extra snow cover.  We hope that temperatures allow us to run through day and night until Monday morning.  If this is possible, we should be in good shape to add Skimeister, Lower Skimeister, the Upper North Slope and more beginner terrain for the Christmas Vacation Week.  A storm is forecasted for December 23 and 24 that may bring us some rain.  With this forecast, we will probably hold off from opening Skimeister and the upper North Slope until the day after Christmas.  This means we will add another 16.14 acres of skiing on the 26th which will bring our total acres open to 90.  This equates to approximately 60% of the mountain open. 


With warm temperatures in December, I want to thank the Cranmore Snowmaking Team for getting us this far.  60% of the mountain open by Christmas is a great achievement.


I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone this next week.


Best Wishes,


Ben Wilcox

President & GM    

Monday, December 15th Update

Dec 15, 2014

Cranmore is now open for daily operation!


We currently have 22 trails on 74.14 acres open which adds up to 6.64 miles of skiing and riding open. 


Temperatures are looking cold enough for snowmaking tonight and during evening hours later in the week.  Temps have been a little warmer than we would like so we will try to maximize the 6 to 10 hour windows where temperatures fall at or below 27 wet bulb.


We are currently set up to make snow on Skimeister, Lower Skimeister, Kandahar flats, Bandit, North Slope, Middle Schneider, Emperor, Gentoo and the Tubing Park.  The goal is to add these trails to our existing trail count which will get us to about 65% to 70% of the mountain open for Christmas Vacation week. 


I got out to ski yesterday (Sunday) for a few hours and we had a nice spring like day with soft turning snow, temperatures in the upper 30s.  The mountain is skiing very well for mid December so I hope to see everyone out on the trails soon. 


If you have questions, feel free to email me at


I look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Ben Wilcox

President & GM

Friday, December 12th Update

Dec 12, 2014

We’ve had a quiet week in the snowmaking department based on the weather event that took place this week.  We receive a few inches on the upper part of the mountain over the last few days and a trace at the base.  We had mostly rain on Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday.  The good news is that we had not pushed out the piles of snow made from last weekend so we are still able to add terrain for this weekend.


For this weekend we will have four trails off of the summit vs. two last weekend.  Koessler and Upper Hurricane/Middle trails are opening off the summit, joining Easy Street and Schneider/Artist Falls.  Overall we will have 22 trails open which is 74.14 acres open (50% of the mountain) and 6.64 miles of skiing and riding.  Visit the snow report section of our web site for a detailed list of trails open.


Our snowmakers have spent most of the week moving equipment into Phase 4 and 5 of our plan.  Over the next 7 to 8 days I see 3 to 4 nights of possible snowmaking.   We are currently set up on Skimeister, Lower Skimeister, Emperor, Ledges, the Reel, the North Slope and Middle Schneider.  We will also be setting up guns on Bandit, across Hurricane to Quad Chute and hope to have this connect done by Christmas.


Overall we are on track to have 65% to 70% of the mountain open for Christmas which slightly exceeds our goal. 


Temperatures will warm up during most daytime periods so get out there and enjoy some great pre-holiday skiing and riding!


Ben Wilcox

President & GM

Sunday, December 7th Update

Dec 7, 2014

Sunday, December 7th Update

Our weekend started off strong with six inches of new snow from Mother Nature.  The snow was followed by rain in the afternoon but the rain really did not negatively impact the mountain.  If anything it helped pack down the six inches and Cranmore and the Mount Washington Valley continue to be a winter wonderland of white!

We fired up snowmaking again this morning and continue to run on Upper Ledges, Schneider, Koessler, Upper Beginner’s Luck, Upper Hurricane, Middle, Comp., the Lower North Slope and Beginner Basin.  We should be able to open all of these trails for the weekend of December 13 and 14 which means we will be at about 50% of the mountain open by mid December.  Hoses and guns are now being readied on Skimeister, Lower Skimeiser, Lower Kandahar, Lower Tommy’s Trail, and Middle Schneider.  We hope to fire these trails up by Monday.

In addition to our snowmaking efforts, Mother Nature expects to visit us with some more snow this week.   It’s still early to tell but we may be looking at some substantial snow.  Stay tuned.

If anyone has a question about our snowmaking efforts, feel free to drop me an email at

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. 



Team Snowmageddon firing up the guns in the cold this week