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January 19, 2015 Update

Jan 19, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015


Mother Nature treated us to some rain yesterday afternoon and overnight.  The good news is that our snowmakers have built a great base of snow so our base depths were not greatly impacted.


Going into Tuesday we will fire up the system and complete snowmaking on Evergreen, Arlberg, Lower Arlberg and North Conway.  By Thursday we expect to have these trails completed and as a result we will have 100% of our snowmaking terrain open by Saturday, January 24.  In addition to snowmaking on these trails we will go back to Middle, the Summit, top of Schneider and add some more snow to our Beginner Basin/Terrain Based Learning Area.  Refreshing these areas will greatly improve our snow surface for the weekend.


Cold temperatures return tonight and will stay with us all week so it looks like a very productive week of snowmaking ahead.


With all the challenges thrown our way this year, my compliments go out to our snowmaking and grooming team who have allowed us to have great skiing for a majority of this season.


So take some time to thank a snowmaker or groomer if you see them.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone at the mountain soon.


Ben Wilcox

President & GM

January 12th Update

Jan 12, 2015

January 12 Snowmaking Blog Update


Cold temperatures continue to help our snowmaking efforts.  We are currently finishing up snowmaking on the Hurricane, Zip Trail, Evergreen, the East Slope, Gibson Pitch, Triple Shot, and the Reel Terrain Park.  Look for these trails to open later this week, in time for MLK weekend.  We also expect Lower Tommy’s Trail and Lower Schneider to open by the weekend.   Snow has also been added on the Alley so that features can be positioned by the weekend.   So look for the Upper and Lower Double Feature Progressive Parks and the Reel Terrain Park to be completed by the weekend.


What’s left:  During or just after MLK we will move to the very last Phase of our snowmaking plan by moving to Ledges, Arlberg, Lower Arlberg, and North Conway.   Once these are completed we will have 100% of our snowmaking terrain open which includes every trail, minus our glade trails.  Once this is completed, we will continue to top dress trails that need more cover so that we can continue to provide quality ski and ride terrain through the month of March.


Our long range forecast calls for winter temperatures well into the month of February so the next five weeks look like great mid-winter ski days.


I look forward to seeing you on the slopes.


Ben Wilcox

President and GM

January 8th Update

Jan 8, 2015

We have been taking advantage of these cold temperatures with aggressive snowmaking efforts this week to open more terrain the upcoming weekend!  Things are still on track to have 100% of our groommable terrain open for MLK weekend.  Currently, we are making snow on Evergreen, Lower Kandahar, Hurricane, Zips, and the Director's Cut and Reel Terrain Parks, which will start to be built next week.  We're also blowing snow in the tubing park to have all 10 lanes by next weekend. 

With the next move, we will shift over to the Alley, East Slope, Gibson Pitch, Triple Shot, Ledges, Lower East, Lower Schneider, Upper Tommy's Trail, Upper Arlberg and North Conway. 

A huge thanks to our Team Snowmageddon who has been out making snow and braving the cold temps.

Johnny Mersereau

Snow Surfaces Manager

Cranmore Mountain Resort

Thursday, January 1, 2015 Update

Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!


Cranmore enters the new year with more terrain and refreshed terrain thanks to the aggressive efforts of our snowmaking team!


Today we opened Rattlesnake and the entire North Slope.   For January 2, we expect to connect the Bandit to Quad Chute and the North Slope so that you can ski the top part of Skimeister and connect to the middle of the mountain.  By the weekend, we also expect to open upper Kandahar and Split Decision.  We continue to add terrain while at the same time resurface already open trails to offer the best ski surface possible.  Resurfacing Upper Hurricane, Middle, Koessler, Schneider Pitch, the Alley and parts of Beginner’s Luck really improved the ski surface over the last few days.  Consistent grooming on open trails has also drastically softened snow conditions and with four to eight inches expected on Saturday night, winter is finally getting into gear.


Our focus will now shift to completing the NASTAR course by the middle of next week for the popular Mountain Meister’s Series which starts on January 7.  We will also be making snow on the Lower North, Hurricane, Zip Trail, Comp Slope, Lower Kandahar, Gentoo, the Reel and the Beginner Learning Area.


This last week we continued  to build our snow depth on the Alley and we are now starting on the Reel.  We expect to have the Upper and Lower Double Feature Progression Parks and the Reel Park ready for MLK weekend.  If all goes well we will also be close to opening the Director’s Cut which means all parks will be completed.


With MLK in our sites, we hope to have close to 100% of the mountain open by this popular weekend.


Cold temperature and new snow will make a huge difference in January and I look forward to more terrain and powder for the month ahead.


Thanks again to our dedicated snowmaking and grooming teams which have done an excellent job.


Best wishes to everyone,


Ben Wilcox

President and GM