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October 27, 2014

Oct 28, 2014

As the leaves clearly move to “past peak” we know it won’t be long before Johnny Mersereau and his team of snowmakers fire up the Cranmore snowmaking system to start laying down the white stuff.  

We have had a very busy summer and fall preparing for the upcoming winter season.  Most of our capital improvements in snowmaking have been aimed at improving the efficiency of our snowmaking system.  On the mountain side, we have replaced a key up-hill pipeline that feeds water to most of the mountain.  This replacement assures that our pipe integrity will hold up, especially when we are running at capacity.  We have also added a new state of the art computer system to our snowmaking compressor room.  This computer allows us to better track our production which in turn allows us to gain efficiencies while operating our snowmaking plant.  We have also added a new Intelliflow System to our air compressors which will let us dial down our air pressure when temperatures hit 15 degrees or less.  By doing this we will cut back on our electrical costs while at the same time maximizing snow output.  Our river pumps have been completely rebuilt and refurbished this last summer which will assure our uphill production of 3,200 gallons a minute into our mountain pipeline.

In addition to the above, we have invested in more energy efficient HKD tower snow guns which now brings our inventory of on hill tower efficient guns to 430 guns.  Note that in 2010 we had approximately 120 efficient snow guns on the mountain.  It is also important to note that upgrades to our water pumping infrastructure over the last four years has brought our production from approximately 1,800 gallons a minute to 3,200 gallons a minute for snow production.

Overall, our snowmaking and management teams are dedicated to maximizing our snowmaking system whenever possible to meet your snow needs.  Last season, our snowmakers showed how we have become leaders in our area in snow quality and production.  If you skied or snowboarded with us last year, you know what I’m talking about.  Our crew is dedicated to taking it up another notch this year and I look forward to enjoying the snow they put down.

Our long range weather forecasters are projecting that we will start seeing cold weather for snowmaking around the middle of November.  When temperatures arrive we will be ready to start making snow with a target of opening the mountain on Friday, November 28 (the day after Thanksgiving).

So get your skis and boards ready for another exciting winter at Cranmore!

Ben Wilcox

President and GM 

January 20th Update

Jan 20, 2014

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

After some challenging weather over the last few weeks I would like to commend our groomers who have done a great job providing an excellent snow surface to ski on.  I was asked if we lost terrain going into this last weekend and it was exciting to say that we actually opened more trails because we had stockpiled snow on Arlberg and Lower Hurricane.


January 9th Update

Jan 9, 2014

January 9 update

The New Year has brought a variety of weather patterns to the area.  Last week’s deep freeze allowed us to continue to move forward with snowmaking in Phase VI and VII (our last two phases).  Rain hit the area last Monday but we didn’t lose any cover and the groomers have done a great job bringing our ski surface back. 

We just opened Lower Arlberg and Gibson Pitch.  We are making snow on the Upper Arlberg, Lower Hurricane, Director’s Cut, North Slope, and the tubing park.  After this we will shift to Rattlesnake and continue to widen trails with additional snowmaking.  At this point we it looks like we will have everything open except for North Conway for MLK Weekend.   

Warm weather is in the forecast for this weekend.  Luckily we have great cover so we can endure some rain which is in the forecast.  

Get out and enjoy the conditions.

Ben Wilcox

President & GM

January 2nd Update

Jan 2, 2014

11 inches of natural snow fell earlier this week which helped the mountain base depth and skiing experience.