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Wednesday, November 26th Update

Nov 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26
As I write this (4pm on Wednesday) we have received 4 inches of natural snow and expect up to another 7” to 8” by Thursday AM. 
On Friday, we plan to add the South Slope, Beginner Basin and Tubing Park.  We will also look into adding some natural snow trails based on snow received.  We had hoped to add Schneider and Artist Falls on Friday as well but feel this can use another day or two of snowmaking.  Look for Schneider and Artist Falls to open either Saturday or Sunday. 
The storm wraps up on Thanksgiving morning and cold temps return on Thursday night.  Our Snowmaggedon team will fire up the system on Thursday night and it looks like we can possibly run right through Sunday AM if temperatures stay cold as predicted.  Look for snowmaking on Schneider, Artist Falls, The Alley, Upper Hurricane, Middle, Comp. Slope, Lower North and Macaroni, starting on Thursday night.   
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I hope to see everyone over the weekend at Cranmore!
Ben Wilcox
President & GM

November 22 Update

Nov 22, 2014

Saturday, November 22


Today we opened for skiing and riding which marked the start of our 77th season of operation.  November 22 is one of the earliest dates we have opened in our history thanks to aggressive snowmaking this last week.  We opened 6 trails and 20 acres of skiing after approximately 4 to 5 productive days of snowmaking.  In addition to the trails we have open this weekend, we have stockpiled snow on the South Slope, Schneider Pitch, Beginner Basin and Artist Falls and we hope to add these trails on Friday, November 28.  This will give us about 42 acres of skiing with two top to bottom runs.  Two top to bottom runs for Thanksgiving Weekend is truly a first for us. 


As I write this at 1pm on Saturday, the sun is popping out of the clouds and temps have warmed.  We have shut down snowmaking for now and plan to restart in the middle of this coming week.


If you plan to visit over the Thanksgiving Weekend you will see snowmaking in progress on Upper Hurricane, Middle, the North Slope, the Alley and Upper Beginner’s Luck.


I look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Ben Wilcox

President & GM 

November 19th Update

Nov 19, 2014

Wednesday, November 19

Favorable cold temperatures arrived yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 18) around 1pm so our Snowmageddon Team went into action by starting up 110 guns on the mountain.  Later today we will start up again, running snow guns on Easy Street, Gibson, Lower Gibson, Beginner’s Luck, the South Slope, Snow Train, the base area, Beginner’s Basin and the Tubing Park. 

Water flow from the river improved after the last rain storm so we were able to get our uphill water capacity to approximately 3,000 gallons a minute.

These cold temperatures have moved up our opening date to Saturday, November 22.  This will be one of the earliest openings in our history and it’s all made possible thanks to all the snowmaking upgrades we have had over the last few years and the hard work of our snowmaking team.

Look for Easy Street, Gibson, Lower Gibson, Beginner’s Luck and Snow Train for this weekend.  We will open Saturday, November 22 and Sunday, November 23 and then close midweek to maximize snowmaking.  After this coming weekend we will reopen for Thanksgiving Weekend on November 28, 29 and 30 for skiing and tubing. 

I will continue to update you on our progress.  So far we are off to a great start!

Ben Wilcox

President & GM   

November 15 Update

Nov 16, 2014

Saturday, November 15

On Friday night we successfully fired up approximately 100 snow guns, capitalizing on the cold temperatures.  Temperatures remain below freezing so we have been able to run through the day on Saturday.  Tonight’s temperatures look really good so we will continue to make snow on Phase One which includes Easy Street, Gibson, Lower Gibson, Beginner’s Luck, Snow Train and the base area.   The next six days offer some very favorable below freezing temperatures so we hope to make some good progress this week.  Check back for updated photos and the mountain’s projected opening day.  Right now we are slated for November 28, but we will see if it is possible to open earlier!!!  Stay tuned.


Ben Wilcox

President and GM