Jan 12, 2014

The Great Penguin Race

The Great Penguin Race is an annual event that supports a selected non-profit. This year, our selected non-profit is The Pediatric Neurotransmitter Disease Association. Their mission is to help children and families who are affected by PND's, support the identification of new PND's, find better treatments and ultimately a cure for those diseases that are already known. Visit their website to find out more.


The event is from 9am – 1:30pm. Penguins will be available for purchase at registration for $5 beginning at 8:30am on the third floor of the Main Base Lodge until 11:30am. Penguins are “raced” by releasing them down an ice covered path at the base of the North Slope for ultimate speed! 100% of the profits from the Great Penguin Race go directly to the PND Association. That means every penguin sold is an important piece of this fundraiser.