5 Parks Open

Snow Fall 0"

Temprature 35°F

January 9, 2017

Hello There!

I hope you got to enjoy the snow that Mother Nature dropped off for us and had a happy new year! We have some big things coming up here in the next few weeks. Before we go into what’s coming up, I would like to thank the Cranmore Race Department for allowing us to take over the bottom of the Lower Alley and put some features in for Christmas vacation. It was awesome to have some more features out on the hill to play on.

With that being said, we are going to be working long hours at 100% this coming week. On Tuesday, January 10th, we are going to build The Reel Park off of the South Slope. There’s going to be some slight changes to how we set up and build that park this year. For starters, there are going to be some features that weren’t put out last year that will make an appearance this season. We’re super excited to see how every comes out and we hope you all like it too!

Another big push for this coming week is we’re going to build the bottom half of the newly placed Double Feature Park on the North Slope. We want to get ahead on feature placement in the parks, so by the time the end of the month rolls around, the majority of our features will be on the hill. By this weekend, we will have over 15 features out on the hill for you to enjoy.

I’ll see you all out there this weekend and I hope you’re all ready to shred!

Brantly Ludington

Terrain Park Manager