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    Latest News:  Friday, June 23, 8:30am- Due to a wet forecast for the day, we will be closing operations.  We will see you tomorow at 10am! Please excuse our appearance as some exciting projects at the resort are now underway!  In addition to the construction of Building One of Kearsarge Brook at Cranmore, we are in the process of redesigning our base area unload zone.  The new unload zone is on schedule to be completed by early July, and will include new paving, drop off parking, sidewalks, decorative & improved lighting and will give the resort a beautiful new look as we move further into summer. 
    Event date: 3/25/2017 Export event
    Spring Splash
    Megan Penny
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    Spring Splash

    Join us for a fun day on the slopes to celebrate the end of the 2016-2017 season. The annual Spring Splash opens the competition to brave participants, competing for prizes and bragging rights. Challenge yourself by trying to make a clean skim across our man-made pool at the base of the North Slope. Contestants will be judged based on costumes and the splash (or lack thereof) created! Live music from White Steer will be playing on Zip’s new deck. Come Play!

    Registration is located on Zip’s Deck and begins at 9am & runs to 11:30am. The event begins at 12pm. Registration is limited to 100 participants.

    Judging Criteria & Awards:

    • Best Skim
    • Best Splash
    • Best Costume


    • 13 & Under
    • 14 & Older


    • Open to skiers and snowboarders only
    • No ski poles permitted
    • Only open to paid guests of the day (lift ticket or season pass)
    • All valuables must be removed before run