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    Your Athlete and Races


    Does my child have to compete in races?

    No, but we encourage all athletes to compete. We do limit the number of competitions according to the athlete's ages. Younger athletes that are unsure of competing at the start of the season wish to do so by the first race. 

    Is there race training if my child does not attend the race?

    If it is an Open race and your athlete does not enter, race training will be arranged. Please communicate this to your lead coach so they will inform the home coach to expect your athlete. On U12 and U14 Qualifiers and U10 Skill days all athletes in these groups are encouraged to participate and there may be no scheduled training at Cranmore. 

    Types of Races:

    Open/Fun Runs - Open races are optional fun races attended at athlete/parent discretion. The lead coach for each age group decides at the beginning of the season which Open Races are supported by coaches. An open race is an event that you as a parent have to register your athlete for by mailing in a USSA voucher* with check to the hosting club (contact and address may be found or sign up at Alpine*

    Qualifiers - These are races we would like att U12 & U14 athletes to attend. Parents don"t need to send the "registration". Parents do need to bring a check or cash for registration of each athlete.  There is no voucher, but there is a race fee collected the day of the race. During the qualifiers, the State is divided into 4 regions.  Based on the 3 qualifiers, athletes earn the opportunity to move onto additional events.  Qualification is based on the best 2 of 6 individual runs (3 races, 2 runs per race).  The quotas are defined annually based on enrollments numbers in each region. Regardless of qualification results, all athletes get to attend a special State wide event, the Finals or the Championships.

    Finals and Championships - Participation is based on Qualifier results. The details of the race are provided in an information packet following the last of the 3 Qualifiers.  The information package includes registration, event specifics and logistical information. This detail information for each event may be found on the NHARA website and generally on the website of the hosting mountain. These events may be hosted outside of our division and travel arrangement may be necessary and should be looked into early if there is the possibility of attending. An assigned Cranmore coach will accompany our athletes and there could be additional travel expenses.

    And Beyond - Results are the State Championships may open up opportunities to additional regional and national events and camps such as Francis Piche Invitational at Gunstock for U12 & U14 and U14 Eastern Championships and the U14 Can Am. The U14 Can Am brings together the top 70 -U14 racers from the eastern United States and eastern Canada. This event alternates between Mount Tramblant, Quebec and Sugarloaf, ME. The program director or head coach will accompany any athletes attending these events and the parents of athletes attending are responcible for additional coaching expenses beyond coach's salary. 

    Skill day Events - Parents don't need to send any vouchers as the coaches send a list of the athletes to the hosting organization that serves as registration. Parents do need to bring a check or cash for registration of each athlete. There is no voucher, but there is a race fee collected the day of the race. Currently most of the scheduled Skill Day events are for U10's. All U10 should participate in U10 Skill Day.

    Helpful Reminders About Race Entries

    Always check with the lead coach before entering any race to make sure the race is beneficial for the athlete’s development stage.  USSA has recommended guidelines for all level athletes to the number of race starts.

    Race voucher* or online registration – * for all open races registration should be sent in early to avoid disappointment with the race being closed. You can always pull out of a race and get a refunded as long as you let the hosting race administrator know by 9 AM, three days before the race date. You will find their contact information in your NHARA book.

    In and Out of Division -for the most part CRT races in the eastern division of NHARA which includes the programs in Mount Washington Valley and Bretton Woods.  Races outside of our division will be recommended for specific groups to take advantage of the terrain or competition during the season.  These racers are generally open races and you should register very early.   

    Live Race results and Start orders may be found at www.

    Race Photos – Thank you John Standring, for posting many of our athletes photos at each race.  Click here for DropBox link.   

    New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association (NHARA) is an excellent resource - outlines youth racing and many details (

    Athlete's Race Day Expectations

    Race day tends to be a bit confusing but with preparation and a bit of understanding you'll get through the day and your athlete will have a successful experience. 

    Night Before

    • Have skis race ready - tuned & waxed
    • Get all your gear packed up - don't forget your USSA & NHARA cards!
    • USAA & NHARA cards once printed out should go into a zip-lock back or laminated on a lanyard
    • Know where/when to meet your coach for course inspection after you have your bib and ready to ski. 
    • Get a good night's sleep and plan to arrive early

    Race Day

    Being rushed in the morning will not be beneficial for your racer. You should plan to arrive by 7:30 unless your coach has given other instructions. This will give you plenty of time to collect your bib, go to the bathroom, get ready to ski and eat breakfast. Meet your coach at a designated location for a course inspection usually at the base of the lift by 8:15. However, it may vary from race to race and depend upon the weather. Make sure you talk to your coach prior to race day to understand when/where to meet.

    Typical race day schedule

    7:30 – 8:15: Register and get dress

    8:15 – 8:30: Group together outside on snow

    8:30 – 9:15: Course inspection (they don’t ski the course, they just look at it to get comfortable)

    9:30 – 10:00 1st run normally begins

    11:30-12:30: 1st run normally ends. 

    Between runs, you need to find your athlete’s clothes and feed them QUICKLY. The girls will go out earlier so they can start lunch right after their first run, it can be as early as 11:00 AM. You need to find their clothes because the coaches usually carry stuff down in a HUGE pile and dump it in the lodge or in front of the lodge.

    Label your kid’s stuff really well and understand that this process is a little crazy and things will get mixed up between kids.  On occasion clothing will be in the wrong mountain’s pile or some other unfortunate  location. The problem is that when 200 kids take the outer gear off a minute before their run, it just gets a little messy and there is no good accounting system. Please be careful to look for your name on the items you take. You’ll find many pairs of black snow pants, and many of them are black Spyder, Karbon, or Obermeyer pants just like yours...except they have someone else's name on them as well as team jackets.                    

    11:30 – 12:45: Course inspection for the second run. The courses are often changed between runs so the athletes need to get comfortable with the new course. It will usually open approximately ½ hour after the end of first run and lasts no more than one hour. If we are tight on time, we may start inspection before the course is set (this is not “normal”, but does happen).

    12:30 – 1:00: Approximate time for a “typical” second run start.

    2:00 – 4:00: Approximate time for second run finish. 

    At the completion of the race all coaching staff, course workers and occasionally older athletes are asked to assist with tear down. 

     Awards: Usually 45 minutes to 1 hour after the race ends. Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended; it is great to support all teams. We are all in this together regardless of results and it is good sportsmanship.

    Race Schedule & Events:

    Race Schedule for 2015/2016 (PDF Download)