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    Cranmore Training Center:

    Houses CRT and MWVST U16 programs.  Groups are assigned to specific rooms, athletes drop off lunches and bags at the training center before heading out to line up with their group. You will also find the coaches’ locker room, video view area and bathrooms on the same level. Daily cleaning at the end of each day is the responsibility of the assigned group and their coaches. It should be minimal if each group does their share after lunch. We ask that the building be clean and presentable at all times. Athletes are expected to be out on the hill skiing and not hanging out in the building.

    On the lower level of the training center you will find a seasonal locker room with locker storage for your convenience. Lockers may be purchases on a first come bases by families in seasonal programs.  Please call our season pass office for availability of lockers for sale.

    Lunch Schedules:  

    Athletes will have a specific time for lunch. This will allow for a smaller group size, better organization and management of each group during lunch time. Keeping the noise down and eliminating the rough housing will allow lunch time to actually be a break and rest period. Coaches will be responsible for their own athletes during lunch time. 

    Time for Lunches:

    U 10 eat 11 – 11:45, U12 eat 11:45 - 12:30, and U14 & U16 eat 12:30 – 1:15. The Lunchroom should be left clean after each group.

    Training Venues: 

    The Cranmore Race Program makes maximum use of training venues. Cranmore provides an excellent site as the training facility for the Cranmore Race Program by offering a wide variety of terrain and having USSA homologated SL, GS and SG hills. The Skimobile Express, a high-speed quad provides quick and easy access for training and race events. In addition, once the mountain is covered with snow and fully opened our race program has two designated trails for daily training. Canon/Comp Hill, our original race hill and the Hurricane/Zips trail which received state recognition when it opened for the Schneider Cup Race in 2014. Depending on early snow conditions you may find our athletes training in different locations or night training in order to get some gate training done.  Our dedicated race training hills provides season-long access for skill and race training development. Other venues outside of Cranmore will be used on an as-needed basis to provide the appropriate experience for athletes training for specific events.


    Just a reminder the parking in front of the Arlberg Children’s Center is a drop off zone ONLY. You are welcome to park and run your athlete up to the training center for drop off or at pick up. This parking area is designated a drop off zone for the safety and convenience of all guests, please follow the attendant’s directions.  

    First Day of Program - First Saturday in December

    On Snow – regular program, 9:00am-3:00pm, meet at the CRT Training Center

    No Snow – if we’re not open for skiing, athletes will have dry land training 9:00am-12:00pm. Please come dressed appropriately for outside non-skiing activities – good footwear, layers, bring water and snacks. We will use this time to build team dynamics and start goal setting, not to mention have some fun.

    Typical Day in CRT:

    Program meets Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas break and Presidents’ week starting the first Saturday in December through Mid- March, 9:00AM to 3:00PM  

    Communication is the key to success! Training is updated and confirmed weekly by email.  The training schedule is set for each group during the early season but is finalized and balanced out once the coaches determine the specific needs of different groups based on race schedule.   Training plans for weekends are emailed weekly by Thursday AM for the upcoming weekend. Weather and conditions can always change the current training plans but despite whatever Mother Nature tosses our way we will have training, so dress appropriately.     

    8:45 AM  Arrive ready to ski* and check in with your coach

    *Ready to ski means wear the appropriate clothing for the day, bring the proper ski equipment tuned     and waxed and personal protective equipment and don’t forget your season pass!

    AM Session 9:00 off to the Quad – Lunch see above lunch schedule (45 minutes)

    PM Session  After lunch - 3:00

    Early Morning Training/Video Analysis/Timed Runs:

    The coaching staff utilizes 100 % of this training facility by moving free-skiing or tactical drills to terrain that best supports the athlete's progression. Early morning training is a critical part of the Cranmore Race program to allow athletes to train on additional vertical drop while getting multiple runs in a safe, protected environment before any lifts are open for daily operation.  Early morning training is assigned to designated groups only and athletes are ready to ski at 7:15AM, load the Quad at 7:30 AM wearing your training bib and season pass and must only ski on the designated route until the mountains is officially opened.  Once early morning training has ended 7:30 to 9:30 or 10:00 athletes will have a short break and resume training until 1PM. 

    Video Analysis/Timed Runs

    Race simulation occurs in multiple areas from full-length training courses to simulated starts and finishes with timing. It is the intent of this simulation to prepare the athlete so that they are “comfortable” with the event during race day and provide every opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

    To simulate and train for an actual race, our athletes are divided into 4 teams of equal abilities (unknown too many of them) and competed against each team in at least four timed races. Our teams are named after Cranmore trails; Hurricane, Koessler, Ledges and Middle.  This tactic is used to work on team focus and performing the best you can, not just winning.  The results are so close and the teams seem to have tons of fun. The results are announced at the end of season BBQ or awards dinner the winning team has bragging right with their team name and year engraved on the Ian Meserve Trophy Race.  Our dear friend, Ian, passed away after a courageous battle with Metastatic Melanoma in the spring of 2013. Ian meant so much too so many in the valley and coaching was his life be it skiing, football or on the golf course.  many of Conway's youth in golf, skiing, football and baseball. He spent most of his summers at the North Conway Country Club and during the winter he was a ski racing coach and dedicated Mountain Meister at Cranmore Mountain.

    Video Analysis is a great teaching tool.  Being able to watch yourself is a great learning tool especially for

    U14 athletes.  Coaches have the ability to video and view with our athlete in the training center. At times our coaches are looking for a parent to assist them with running the camera for training or at a race.

    Pre-Season Conditioning & FIT Training Days:

    All athletes are invited to join Skip and friends for a few pre season training days. The tentative time will be 9:30 – NOON.  We have reserved the following dates to get together for 2015/2016 season.

    • Labor Day - Monday, September 7, 2015
    • Jen's Friends Hill Climb - Saturday, September 19, 2015 Hike with the CRT
    • Columbus Day - Monday, October 12, 2015 Training day for athletes while our parents attend the 2016 Parent Meeting, A meeting not to be missed!

    We will email the details for each day on the prior Monday, please email Skip at [email protected] by noon on Thursday if your athletes are planning to attend. Athletes should dress appropriate for the weather and wear sneakers, bring water, snacks and meet on the deck of Zip’s Pub and Grill. Parents please check in when you drop off with Skip – No Dropping Off.  Pre season training days are a great opportunity for new and returning athlete to get to know one another and their coaches.

    Additional Training Opportunities:

    Fall/Spring/Summer Camps - For more the details see: these are great opportunities to get more time on snow or focus on fine tuning skills.

    No School Fridays - Skip school for an extra training day – TBA.  These are additional training days at Cranmore during January and February with a specific focus and the ability to get many run per session.