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    About Us


    Brief History:

    From the start Cranmore has been building a race legacy in developing and training young racers to set high goals and focus on a long term development to reach their dreams.  In the beginning days, Eastern Slope Ski Club Junior Program provided race training and hosted races drawing some of the best international racers of the decades.  The club’s ESSC teams had dominated both team and individual competitions throughout the skiing circles of the United States and were widely known as a racing organization. Gibson Trophy Cup Race was one of the most prestigious events during this era. Familiar racers during this period (1940 – 1965) are Paula Kann, Penny Pitou, Toni Matt and Edi Mall. You have all heard the stories of these local Olympians, Tyler and Terry Palmer, David Currier and Abbi Fisher who made their first turns in ESSC Junior Program.

    Through the 70’s and 80’s Cranmore hosted many junior and senior ski races sponsored by ESSC and run by the Cranmore Educational Foundation.   Up until this period race training was provide just about anywhere on the mountain that a course was set and races were usually held on the Arlberg or Rattlesnake trails.  With the growth of skiing and more visitors to Cranmore it was obviously time to find an area designated to race training.   What we know today as the Competition Hill was built and approved by USEASA to run Giant Slalom, Slalom and Downhill during this period. In 1975 the Davis Building was constructed as a home for ESSC and a training facility for Cranmore Educational Foundation and Kennett High School Ski Team.   Due to the strong foundation and endeavors of the ESSC many young local skiers continue to advance to higher levels of ski racing continuing on to the Kennett High School Ski Team, Collegiate Competition and further recognition at national and international levels.  Race training at Cranmore continued under the direction of the Cranmore Ski Education Foundation until the late 80’s.

    1990 – Racing moving from a club program to the Cranmore Race Team, a mountain sponsored program with Curt Bartlett as head coach. CRT developed a strong reputation finishing ahead of other local programs at BWL States.  Other athletic achievements include Top 10 finishes in JIII Olympics, participation in Whistler Shoot-out, Topolinio Cup, Future Stars and National JIII Development Camp in Park City.  Cranmore hosted a speed camp and coach’s education session for BWL, USSA, and NHARA.   2000 – During this period the program saw continuous growth and added a high school program for those athletes interested in only training for their high school racers. The program was fortunate to receive corporate sponsorship from Kneissel/Strolz which allowed for additional snow guns for the Comp Hill, video analysis program, start tent and other additions to enhance our athletes’ training. 

    Our athletes had a strong representation in youth ski racing across the state. During this period USSA coach’s training and parent education became a strong focus within the program. The highlight of 2010 was the announcement of U.S. Ski Team member, Leanne Smith, to the Olympic Alpine Team going to Sochi. Leanne, the homegrown kid from North Conway, NH, grew up on Cranmore Mountain, an alumnus of CRT, MWVST and Kennett High School Ski Team. 

    2012 –It was the season of change, U.S. Ski Association adopted the age change and moved into the U classifications.  This resulted in the fourteen year old athlete now a U16 athlete transitioning into seeded racing. With these changes and a new program director it was the perfect opportunity to build a partnership with Mount Washington Valley Ski Team (MWVST). This partnership has allowed our U16 (age 14) athletes to successful transition into CRT/MWV U16 program continuing to pursue racing throughout their high school years and beyond.  Both CRT and MWVST currently have a very strong group of coaches with extensive backgrounds and experiences in developing athletes. Both groups are qualifying athletes into championship events at state, regional and national levels. Cranmore parents are very involved with the program continuing to learn more about racing each season.  Our programs are recognized thought the state and region. Again you may see Leanne out on the hill sharing her expertise with our athletes who are so excited whenever she returns home and appears on the hill to make a few fun runs with CRT. 

    Cranmore Race Team Mission Statement:

    To provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all athletes by developing a lifelong passion for the sport of skiing.  To provide each athlete with the opportunities to develop their skiing ability and racing skills in a positive competitive atmosphere.  Our staff is dedicated to guide, encourage and motivate each athlete to accomplish his/her goals while establishing a foundation of skills with an emphasis on fun, education, mastering challenges, building camaraderie and respect in a mountain environment. We are committed to providing the best coaching, training, support and facilities for our athletes.

    Our goal is to provide a program which allows each individual athlete to obtain his or hers goals in ski racing as they develop strong and proficient skills necessary for racing and continue to build a life time passion for the sport of skiing.  We are excited about the direction and success we have accomplished over the last several seasons and continue to move forward and continuously evaluate and re – evaluate the needs of our program. Our program wants to provide guidance and opportunities to those just entering racing up to our most elite athletes.

    Our Vision

    To provide the best environment for each athlete to grow and nurture their love for skiing and ski racing by providing opportunities that will develop and build life time skills. 

    Our Core Values

    • Empowerment - I will always put forth my BESt attitude each and every day. 
    • Respect - I live by the Golden Rule and exemplify good sportsmanship and teamwork
    • Courage and Determination - I will set high goals and not be afraid to work extra hard to obtain my goals.
    • Fun - without it, skiing get old!

    Our Staff:

    Our coaches

    The dedication, experiences and enthusiasm shown by the entire coaching staffing is apparent as you watch each athlete develop a lifelong commitment to skiing and ski racing. We have been fortunate to see alumnus of CRT and MWVST with successful high school and college race careers returning home to share their passion with our athletes as coaches, along with some of their original coaches. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping racers at all levels achieve their personal ski racing goals. Racing should be fun and teach life skills. Through training and competition, coaches will use opportunities to teach positive values of sportsmanship, cooperation, preparation, physical fitness, nutrition and other applicable social and personal skills. Our coaching staff is dedicated to making the experience educational, rewarding and fun for all levels of racers. All CRT staff belongs to U.S. Ski Association and must undergo background check before issuance of membership.


    Be part of the plan every day, if not, communicate though the right channels

    Coach with a focus – make sure each athlete has individual feedback – keep it positive always

    Lunch room has a schedule – stick to it and over see your athletes at lunch

    Continuous education is a must – NH Alpine Racing Association clinics and on snow clinics – USSA education and certification

    Coaches are available at the end of each day for 15 minutes to catch up with parents and do appreciate you touching base with them.

    Race Ops Crew

    Through their enthusiasm, attention to details and dedication this crew has earn state recognition for hosting excellent events at all levels of USSA competition, High School Championships, Masters  and more.  As a parent volunteer on race day this crew will show you how to perform all the tasks required to host a successful event.   With thirty + years  of experience and working together this team plays hard on race day, has an outstanding work ethic, no matter what Mother Nature sends their way  for weather the race hill is ready and they takes pride in every race hosted on their hill. 

    Program Director/Head Coach

    Skip Bartlett joined us in 2012 as head coach/program director for CRT. An alumnus of CRT, MWVST and Plymouth State University, Skip brings a wealth of ski racing experience, knowledge and passion for skiing at Cranmore as well as his coaching experience over the years with Waterville Valley, Colby Sawyer College, MWVST and Peak Performance Ski Camps. This position became a full time seasonal position where Skip will not only be coaching on the hill but have some mid-week time to coordinate training needs, hill space for all
    events and athlete’s individual development.   His presence on the hill with all the groups as well his presence at races is a critical role in this position and allows Skip to build strong relationships with our
    athletes as well as his coaching staff.

    Coaching Structure for 2015/2016:

    Head Coaches and Their Role

    Group Number TBD Head Coach Lead Coach Per Group Coaches
     U16  Dave Gregory  Shawn Smith  Eddie Bradley
    1st yr       
    2nd yr      
    U14  Skip Bartlett  Dave Miller  Mamie Phelan
    1st yr      Hunter Haynes
    2nd yr      Tyler Haynes
    U12  Skip Bartlett  Curt Bartlett  Sean Shannon
    1st yr      Hannah Miller
    2nd yr      TO Currier
           Christine Gunzburger
    U10  Skip Bartlett Kevin Hamlin  Jessica DiPietro
    1st yr      
    2nd yr      
    Sub  Skip Bartlett    Jeff Butler
           Grant Meserve
           Luke Dvorozniak

    Lead Coach

    Groups are based on skill evaluation and goals.   Role of a lead coach is to oversee training needs including skill evaluation in order to set up cohesive groups, video sessions, race day calendar, and Skills Quest days as well as to work with the group of coaches to provide the necessary support to meet the goals of each athlete. Skip and the lead coach of each group will make sure each athlete is being challenged within their age group. Coaching staff does not recommend training up (moving into a different age group) and feels confident they will provide a successful training program to obtain the goals of each athlete.

    Coach Bios

    Skip Bartlett

    Head Coach/Program Director

    Skip Bartlett is heading into his 6th year as the Cranmore Race Team Program Director and looking forward to another great season. An alumnus of CRT, Kennett High School, Mount Washington Valley and Plymouth State University Ski Teams Skip brings a wealth of ski racing experience, knowledge and a passion for skiing and ski racing to Cranmore.   Coaching experience over the years includes Waterville Valley 06- 07, Colby Sawyer College 07 - 08, MWVST and Peak Performance Race Camps 08 - 14. Skip graduated from Kennett High 1998-2002, varsity skiing all 4 years, All State recognition for 3 years, captain senior year. Damon O’Neil Alpine Ski Award, Kennett High School, 2002.  Attended Plymouth State University and 4 year member of the alpine ski team, graduating in 2007.  United States Collegiate Ski Association, All American Alpine Skiing, 2005.

    Curt Bartlett

    U12 CRT Lead Coach

    Curt has had many years of experience in ski racing both as a racer and a coach. He is a graduate of Kennett High School, skiing all 4 years and then on to Western State College graduating from UNH as a member of both ski teams. Curt has been part of the CRT coaching staff since the 90s and has seen many successful ski racers including his 2 grown sons! In 2002 Curt was named NHARA Coach of the year and went on to represent the US as an alpine coach at the 2002 Topolino Games in Pinzolo, Italy.